Tuesday, April 19, 2011

flood waters

I've been out to the in town lake the last 3 days in a row. The water went from flooding all the beach, up to the base of a retaining wall my first day out. The next day it had risen over a foot up the wall and today it was cresting the wall. The girls and I had the picnic out there yesterday and Ivan was quite upset that he had missed out, so I promised to take him after school. My cousin's son was with us too.

Yesterday there was no wind and the reflection of the hills in the water was mesmerizingly beautiful.

The city posted this beside the dam, some told me to break up ice, others said to dig out a passage for the water. Don't know the real reason, except the girls enjoyed seeing how big it is up close!

It looks like they put some dirt along the creek where it could easily pool over into the street that leads to our house.

Some of the big concerns at this point is damage by the ice on the water. The water can come in and make a huge mess, but the ice can then float in and tear everything up!

I haven't heard much in town, so I'm mostly finding out from the internet that communities minutes from us, literally on the lakes are suffering some damage already.


GMS said...

I also notice no leaves on the trees yet and the grass is still quite brown. Ours is greening up & growing & leaves are at least buds with some daffodils & hyacinths out.

Nana said...

It still looks cold. I think I saw ice on that lake. We are in the 80's and the humidity really isn't to bad. We're green the crepe myrtles are getting ready to bud out, the magnolias are blooming. Well, it just looks like spring. Glad we don't live further north, with the wild fires. We haven't had much rain this year. News said these are the worse fires since 1917. In other words, none of us have ever seen fires this bad.