Saturday, April 02, 2011

2 more sleeps




I am so looking forward to Monday... the carpet guys are coming, the carpet guys are coming!!! It's so amazing to think this long, very long, major renovations and us living all cramped upstairs is almost over... and just in time... our garage is flooding, yes, the garage where the rest of our belongings are stored! The roof is fine, but water is seeping in at floor level.

The other day, we were sweeping water, shoveling snow and ice off the back porch where it was backing up to our new window thus the basement. But, that also means that spring is coming, or should be... like any minute now. Brian spotted snow falling again tonight. I didn't have the heart to look out and investigate to see if it was actually so. I'm still hoping he saw a mirage.

Signed the kids up for soccer this week. They are excited. Found out the ice rink has been closed for skating for a couple of weeks now, that's ok, it was just tempting me to skate and my knee is not being agreeable to that- maybe next season. I'm rambling now...

I can't believe I'm this excited about carpet. Of course it's not just carpet. It is symbolic of all of it- a new era of our lives. I was thinking that it is very grown up boring of me to be excited about it, but then I remembered that the kids are TOTALLY excited too. They keep talking about being in their rooms. So fun!

What are you excited about these days?


GMS said...

I am excited and looking forward to seeing you & your family.

Nana said...

Spring, Easter and everything that goes with it! Working in the yard more and admiring all the beautiful color.

Nana said...

Oh, I almost forgot! The "bluebonnets" and Blue Bell ice cream!

Ian said...

I look forward to the two feet of snow melting!