Thursday, April 21, 2011

location, location, location

Here are some pics before all this area filled with water (over a 2 day period). We drove over today and the entrance is blocked off, the entire area inundated with water. The city added sandbags to the place where the creek could hop over to our street. We are still planning on going to Saskatoon, so we are trusting that our place will be OK. We are not right on the lake or creek, so it would still have a lot to fill and we haven't heard that our town is in danger, although the community 10 min. of us has declared a state of emergency.

Better go pack and get ready... May you have a great Easter. I may not post until we are back, but in the meantime, may there be resurrection in your heart, new life in world and hope on your horizon. And may our home, NEW BASEMENT and property stay high and dry while we are away!!


Davis Family said...

I've been thinking of you guys. There is nothing more devastating than finally getting somewhere with a reno to have it ruined by a flood. I am praying that all stays put and well and dry. Safe travels!

GMS said...

Agree with all the above comments.
Enjoy your extended family time.