Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The grand tour continues...

Next up, the re-arranged living room. We found that the way we had our couch set up all along one wall with the hutch between two sections made it really hard for anyone to visit with each other, but we were very torn, because the corner chair in the corner close to the dining room gave us the best view of the hills. But for the sake of conversation and friendship, we are sacrificing the view a bit. Some day it would be nice to get another comfy chair to stick back in the corner.

OK, now downstairs!!! Dominique's room is already full of stuff! She got a huge barbie doll house that I'm looking forward to playing with her. It is such a cool house and about as tall as she is.

Our last room for this evening is your room. Yep, this is where you will get to sleep when you come see us. We've already broken it in a bit for you, reading books on the bed, playing music, sewing. The mood is set, now all it lacks is you! A place of creativity, inspiration, relaxation and power (the fuse box is in there)- maybe you will have electrifying dreams ;) Like in a good sense, not in a getting electrocuted sense. You see this is why I'm not in advertising!

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Nana said...

Looks like the first picture is "Saba's" room, and she is all settled in now!