Sunday, May 01, 2011

BF-( before the flood)

I took the kids out to the beach to see the rising water the day before it started to really flood the campgrounds. Since this time, it has been blocked off to the public. The water is still high here and things are still iffy. Brian heard that it may take a month before the water is back down to normal. Although I don't think the water will rise more, you just never know. Yesterday it looked like rain and that could change things. I've also heard that all the snow hasn't melted yet and that could change things too. The weather is being weird, really warm, then pretty cold. We haven't had snow here in Fort Qu'Appelle, but not far from us they had a blizzard over the weekend! Crazy!! And to think the kids and I had picnics this week. In fact, in the sun, Ivan was getting so hot that he took off his shirt and begged me to fill the pool! I guess he does have some canadian in him after all!

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Ian said...

I'm glad that the blizzard missed you. The Trans-Canada was closed a short distance from Indian Head. When I left Winnipeg Sunday morning it was snowing there but as soon as we took off we were out of the storm. I'm back at work and I showed about 500 pictures of Jamaica to my classes!