Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot News in Fort Qu'Appelle

We interrupt our regular programming (the Baggett house tour), to give you this important news flash. There is flooding in Fort Qu'Appelle! Before everyone gets alarmed, our street is totally dry right now and will most likely remain so. There are other towns where there are evacuations, and they have evacuated some people from the hospital here, but that is in a very low place next to a washed out bridge from the same river seen here, washing this bridge out. This was next to the grocery store where I went today to take advantage of some sales. The hill in the back is where we went sledding in the winter and the space between the trees is a bridge, unusable right now obviously!

We live next to another river, but it's controlled by a damn, and our house is not too low to the ground. Of course we are thankful to have the sump pump in and will watch things if it gets worse.

In other news- it's pink day at Ivan's school. It's an anti bullying day of programming. Now sending my boy to school in his sister's pink clothes to combat bullying, seems a bit to me like sticking a 12 pack in front of an alcoholic, but he says everyone else is going to wear pink too, even his male principal! The teens told me that the high school participates too and has special activities for it also. I'm looking forward to seeing how his day went. Maybe he will learn to stop bullying his sisters??? I can dream anyways. Lucky for us, Ivan and Dominique are pretty close in size, so we had a ton of clothes for him to choose from. She probably has a week or more worth of pink shirts. She has some pink pants too, but none big enough for him. He was pretty disappointed by that, but I assured him he looked pink Enough, as we laughed at (I mean WITH) him and took pictures.

Tonight, Dominique has a special performance for an after school GLOW program she's been going to at the Lutheran church, so she is very pumped about that. I think I'll have Ivan change before we go!!

So lots of excitement today! And not to be outdone, I'm nearly done Dominique's curtains. Hey, it's exciting to me!


lela said...

Awww! They are so cute. I like Ivan in pink.

Nana said...

Well how did "pink" day go?

Ian said...

Is it a "damn" dam?

Davis Family said...

I have the same dress for Bronwyn! We really are twins.