Sunday, April 17, 2011

ready, set, action

I am about to start the last curtain!! ;)

Ivan is having a blast doing his reading road for school. I loved the way his shadow played on the wall.

The girls love playing in their new rooms and even going for walks to get Ivan from school, only Emora always wants it on her terms. This day she wanted to bring her doll, so I told her she was going to carry it too. On the way back, she decided she could put baby in the bag, but on the way there she held it the whole way.

I went by the lake today and the water has risen to cover the entire beach area. It is up to the 2 foot cement wall seperating it from the grassy play area. The seagulls were making the funniest noises and the geese were majestic. I scared up a flock of them and the cawed and cawed, then took off to land back on the lake. They were so fun to watch and it's so peaceful out there even with the creek rising.


Anonymous said...

Dominique is certainly one free spirit! mom

Ian said...

So no danger of flooding in town?