Sunday, April 10, 2011

ahhhh space!

To answer dad's question, yes the children are all in their own rooms now. They are so excited to have their own space. I'm loving having carpet again, although I have yet to vacuum it or clean up a spill on it and it still looks all new and nice. We are going to hang a bulletin board in their rooms, but other than that everything is pretty much up. I made Ivan's curtains tonight, but they are far from perfect, in fact they are very hard to open. I had bought some thick material to keep the light out, but found that it was better doubled and since I had enough, that's what I did, but now it's hard to open them. I need to get a tie for them and maybe redo a hem. The thing with sewing is that I don't do it often, so it always takes me a bit to get the hang of it again, but I think I'm getting better. I figured out the foot tension a bit anyways! I do feel a bit bad that Ivan did not get his favorite color- lime green in his room, but maybe I can make him some decor pillows in lime green- maybe even with his name on it!

So I figured I'd give you the grand tour. We start in Emora's room. You may recall that we had all three kids in this one room since August! Ivan on the top bunk, Dominique on the bottom and Emora in her crib, plus all their clothes in the closet and dresser. Of course these pictures were from when I'd first organized it, so it doesn't look so bad, but thereafter it was a cacophony of toys, books, clothes, hair ties and unimaginable mayhem all over the floor, under the bed and the closet became a mountain of clothes cascading off the shelves.

Now all the clothes in the closet are only Emora's and I even had room for some of her puzzles and a game that I really prefer she plays with when an adult can be sure the pieces don't go everywhere, or nine puzzles get dumped out at once. I sorted all the toys and books to make them age appropriate, so she got all the things she most enjoys and books she likes the best.

I had these curtains sewed long time ago, but had them reversed to the original ones, which were a steel blue and not very fun. We love her new rug and I thought her fun diamond curtain motif went better with them then the outdated curtain side.

This butterfly always reminds us of Gordon who has gone on before us. Emora loves having the side off her bed. She's ready for a big bed, but that's just another thing on our long wish list.

Arwen was over for lots of the weekend, so the kids all enjoyed her room together.

I've been meaning to do this forever, and when I saw our old hook board from the kid's room, I knew it was time to follow in my cousin's footsteps. She has a row of hooks like this over a vent where the kids can not only hang their own jackets, but also dry out wet stuff. We have 2 closets for coats, but they were still overfull and the kids couldn't hang anything by themselves. This is off to the side from the entrance, so we all have more space and it is actually one of my favorite places in the house now! How boring, I know!


Nana said...

Emora looks so big in her bed without the sides. I think this one is going to follow in mom and dads foot steps, literally!!

Davis Family said...

YEAH for space!!!

Deana said...

Hooray for you all!!! I hope they enjoy their own rooms!