Thursday, July 05, 2012

sorry- I guess I'm in vacation mode

It's been a whirlwind that is not stopping since school let out.

 The last day of school was a huge woodtick fest/party, the next day I took the kids to Regina for groceries and swimming, the next day we left for our camping/reunion trip.

We went to Dinosaur provincial park, where the most dinosaur bones for that size of location has been found in the world. We got to see lots of family- who were not dinosaurs ;)

 Dad and all his living siblings (I'm not sure if his adopted brother is still alive- but the other brothers were there), most of those sibling's kids and grandkids. There were about 33 of us, I think. It was a great location. We drove about 6 hours, the least driving was 3 hours and the most 10, so a bit centraly located for us to all come.

It was a bit like being on the moon, the landscape was so bizarre, but we got to see people I haven't seen much since high school or before and that was so nice.

The kids really liked walking through a very muddy creek. I will post pics here at some point!!

Once back, we were doing mountains of laundry and Ivan got some crazy rash and swelling that went away on it's own. We got out today and now Dominique is running a fever, so tomorrow will have to be some rest, although a couple of friends will be hanging out with us for the day.

I was hoping to have the big kids in swim lessons next week, but it may have to wait if little princess isn't better by then. I'm also going back and forth with putting Ivan in or not since he is going back and forth about not wanting to go. I loved the beach though. I got a swim in and I got to read and the kids weren't tearing up the house or fighting, all of which are awesome mommy time!

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