Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emora mailing a postcard

On the way to school. We pass the Royal Canadian Mounted Police station, then this statue commemorating the signing of Treaty 4. They were going to put a parking lot here and discovered bodies. Those killed during the signing. The man stands, with an eagle in his arms. The Saskatchewan flag behind him is torn, flapping in the wind. I'm pretty sure it's shameful to have a torn flag, but then it's pretty shameful how the treaties were made and most critically how they were broken. It's a solemn reminder right before we walk by the courts, on toward the school. A loaded walk with little people who will write the future. As they see, may they bring understanding and healing.

Emora's program this last week was about the mail. After some cool stories and sorting activities, she got to make a postcard to send. I called my neighbor to find out her address so that Emora could send her best friend Nick a letter. Then we all walked to the Post Office, where they gave us a tour...

let the kids put the cancelled stamp on the cards

and place her card in the appropriate slot. It was a pretty cool outing.

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Deana said...

I just got about 10 posts in my feed all at once! I thought you were just being quiet!! ;) Good to "catch up" and see that life is still going well for lal of you!