Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dominique had a specific design that she wanted for her cake.  I did learn that the icing is WAY easier to manage when it is cold.  The brown icing was in the fridge and was fabulous.  The pink and purple I had out at room temp and melted all over the place.  Live and learn.

She also wanted an ALL GIRL party.  So we had a total of 10- several water fairies, a butterfly and a couple of trendy princesses.  I had more time to do Dominique's face paint since I did her's as the party was starting.  Suddenly I realized that it could take a significant amount of time to get everyone painted, so I had to hurry it up and resorted to assembly line painting.

I tried to get them to all lay in the room with their faces in the middle, but my room was not big enough!  I think 10 kids is our maximum.  We were trying to do lots outside, but it was just way too hot, so we resorted to indoor races, which was not as great as it could have been!

But they liked all the games- that took me 2 days to organize!  Every time I do a birthday, I think it'll be easy, just plan a couple of games and then I spend 2 or 3 days getting ready for it all to be over in a few hours!  Ah well, Dominique and all the kids loved it.

We had pizza, chips, carrots, cucumbers, water, juice, cake and ice cream.  At least we could do that outside- I love picnics, then when the cake falls on the ground or the juice gets knocked over it's no big deal, just go grab some more!

I also realized that there is very little shade in our yard at 12 noon!  I'm thinking water play is a better idea for a July birthday!

Ivan suggested we use his guitar game from his birthday.  We'd kept it, because the boy just can't throw out anything, but in this case, it was a great transition game and zero prep for me.  Thanks Ivan!

We also played "costume, freeze, act".  They put on a costume and danced while the music played, then when I stopped the music, they froze.  When I tapped their shoulder, they acted out their character.

Tea pot relay race.  They were spilling a lot of water and not getting far, so half way through I gave them a big cup each!  It only took me 13 cups to fill the kettle, but I'd forgotten that kids will spill more than half that on the way!

The candles didn't stay lit with the little breeze, but there was no complaints over the cake and ice cream!  I did manage to save some for our boys too- and there was plenty of left over pizza and food for an easy supper.

I don't know if I'm getting old or what, but I was exhausted when they all left- had to have a nap and drink coffee.  Good thing I only have 3 and not 10 kids.  Our big enough house also felt very small with all these energetic little ladies filling it with laughter and a bit of chaos.  I remember with Ivan's party, we had more than 10, but it was nice out and we had all the party outside.  I remember thinking we would not have been able to manage it inside.  Now I remember!  But it's also so great to have a fun gathering of people who have been a blessing in our lives and who add joy, fun and laughter to our kids lives.  It's great to make memories together and celebrate together.
One of the 3 sister duos who joined us today.  Ivan had the day with daddy and used what was left of his birthday money for a hero factory character.  Dominique got a new barbie amongst other gifts, so now my trio are playing hero barbies.  The dialogue is something like "my guy shot the bad guy and I'm freeing your giant dog" (Ivan), while Emora has her barbie making toilet noises in a corner of their house and Dominique is saying "Emora, where is your girl's boyfriend?"  Emora's reply:  "pfffftttt".  Gotta love them!


Ian said...

It looks like they had fun.

Anonymous said...

What type of icing did you use for the cake? I am bit curious about that.
Looks like the kids have a blast. Too bad that it always takes much more time to prepare than to enjoy. Same with meals btw. You work for like 2 hours in the kitchen and it's gone in 10 min.

Angela said...

aha! Good point Andrea. There is something to all that prep bringing lots of joy ;) I just used store bought white icing and added coloring and store bought chocolate icing. Nothing fancy here!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear all went so well even after the wait. See you all soon , Love mom