Monday, July 09, 2012

animal fun and art day at the beach

ACH! I totally need to catch up here. It's been a while since I posted, but it seems with summer, there is so much fun to have, who wants to sit at the computer? We've been pretty much running since school let out. That's not to say there hasn't been down time. I've managed to read a few books and get out in a canoe and for swimming.

This week it's swim lessons at Katepwa beach. I took a cue from a parent in Ivan's class and used BRIBERY to ensure a successful venture. So far it has worked wonderfully. Dominique didn't need any incentive. She's been begging for lessons in the lake for months. However, Ivan is not as fond of the water and hates the temps. Fortunately for us, it was blazing hot today (nearly 100, for my Texan friends- which is totally hot for here). Brian's coworkers were complaining about the heat as they did a roof and wondered how he could stand it and he told them it was actually pretty nice- I mean there was a breeze even! And there was. I loved it. There were some nice waves and we soaked up the heat.

So I'm hoping that the other days will go as well and that we won't get a cool snap or stormy day and that they will pass this year! They are repeating last year's level since they stood there shivering last year instead of doing what the teacher asked!

Unfortunately the girls have a touch of a cold, but that has not slowed down Dominique- about to turn 6 this week, super excited middle child. Emora has been a cranky pants, but she has been for about the last 3 months. Don't know what her deal is. I guess adjusting to age 3 is kind of tough. She's not a baby, but not a big girl either and will never be at her siblings' level, although she wants to be right in their. Ah, life can be tough at times!

These pictures are a bit old.  Maybe a couple of months.  The cat has grown since these.

My cousin get some baby chicks, so the girls and I got to go meet them one day.  That was a new experience and so exciting.

Of course, if there are not cute little chicks, the girls can always find someone to play with.  Sunshine is quite kind to them to let them treat him like this.

The girls wanted to be twins this day with their hair.  We went to the beach (when it was still way too cold to swim in) and did some painting and playing at the park.

It's so sweet when Dominique and I get to paint together.  She likes to imitate what I design, which I'm guessing is the best way to learn.  I wish she had someone more talented than me to imitate.  I just diddle around for fun with cards.  But she doesn't seem to mind.

One of Ivan's delights is to work with a parent.  Today he helped me clean the bathroom and the bank.  He's pretty good if he listens to the instructions first and it makes the time go fast when we get to do it together.

I'm glad for the excuse of lessons to be at the beach everyday- especially now that the water is warmer! ;)

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Anonymous said...

You are very talented. Look at all those clocks you made and all the wonderful cards and what not.
If you want her to have some different inspiration: maybe an art book from the library (impressionist - soft and warm, expressionist - hard and chaotic, etc.) could give her some ideas.