Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 3 of quaranteen

We took a few group photos while at the reunion.  This is my uncle Archie, his wife Jan, son Kelly, Kelly's wife Josee and their two kids Jacob and Emilie- who Dominique became best friends with.
This is dad and his blood siblings.  He had an adopted brother also.  In red is the youngest brother- uncle Pete, my dad is next and was the second youngest, then uncle Archie and uncle Duff.  Rhian has a tattoo of her mom on her shoulder.  Aunt Lavena passed away the year Dominique was born.

Me, my parents and siblings.  We should have gotten a pic with our spouses and kids- we were all there.  But I'll be going to Stoon in a few weeks, so I'm sure we'll get a group shot at some point.

I don't think we were supposed to be walking on these...

or these... but who can resist?

Talking about who can resist... Rhian was playing angry birds and look what happened.  She attracted a swarm of children.  Technology and kids are like bees with honey.

So it's day 3 of our quaranteen.  I left the house some this morning for a little breather and it was so nice.  Then I pulled weeds outside for a while and went in for lunch.  Each time while I was out- the kids were in or when I was in, the kids had gone out.  So I had half a day of beautiful peace.  Now I'm in the basement where total chaos exploded onto the floors (the kids were making "inventions").  They are upstairs and sound like a pack of stampeding elephants.  At times I hear crashes and shrill shrieks.  I'm quite terrified to go see what it will look like.  They are quite enjoying themselves, but I'm positive there will be destruction in their path.

Ivan's mouth is much better today.  He's already had two meals of soft foods and is happy to report that his mouth is not hurting nearly as much.  He couldn't barely talk even the last couple of days.  The blisters on his hands and feet and those on Dominique are still big, but I don't see any new ones.  Whoever, staying away from people and in the house may drive us batty by the time this is through!

Thankfully, my neighbor lent us a load of kid videos, so we are having a couple of movie showings each day and we still have lots of library books and at least they have each other.  They really do play well together for the most part.

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Anonymous said...

Glad there is improvement on all front. The kids looks as if they were holding up a piece of that sandstone with their heads.
So just who is getting all the attention, the kids or grandpa?
Love mom