Saturday, July 21, 2012

Returning to the land of the living

My aunt and uncle got to visit us briefly on Dominique's actual birthday, so that was fun. They made it a joy with fresh donuts and coffee! This was a real treat, because Ivan was just starting to feel really terrible and we at least had a bit of celebration before we became housebound.

Tomorrow is our rescheduled party.  We are having 10 girls including the birthday girl and little miss cranky pants- who has promised me she will be amazingly good.  It's a bit of a gamble, because I'm sending the reinforcements (the guys) out and they will be in the city, so if Emora decides to be upset, it could get ugly.  But she was so disturbed that she would miss the party, that it was breaking my heart a bit.  Ivan is pretty upset about missing out too, but he will have a blast with Brian and for all the times he torments them, I can see why Dominique would want some JUST GIRL time- with no teasing and harassing.

We've been happy seeing everything grow in the garden.  Tried our first beets the other night and what do you know, the girls will eat beans if they are straight off the plant.  Ivan won't, but he loves to pick them.  They like to walk in the garden and see what is coming up.

Dominique took these too pictures of Brian (and my arm) and me- sitting out in the yard.  We are really loving summers here!  It's hot, but not unbearable.  Brian's coworkers act like they are dying in the heat and we are sitting out in the sun (me) and in the shade (Brian) thinking how awesome it is!

This is my new favorite picture.  I have it as my screen saver.  This was while they were sick.  We made muffins- only I forgot to put in the sugar- yep, that's what happens with 3 fine helpers all wanting to get their paws in the middle of it and have an important job.  You would have thought they would have reminded me of the sugar!  They are always begging for sugar.  But we were a little distracted by the raisins and chocolate chips.  So although the muffins are not as stellar as they usually are, they are actually quite edible and a part of me snickers when they ask for one knowing they are eating a vegetable (pumpkin) and little sugar!

I really can't complain about our confinement.  It was not the best way to start our summer, but they were not miserable.  Ivan was in serious pain only a few days and the rest was spent watching movies or in our backyard.

This little turkey wants to be so grown up and running all over with the big siblings.

But she's still got a lot of little in her yet.  I stole this picture from my sister who took it.  It cracks me up.  This is how she would always smile for pictures and yeah- I've seen this look quite a few times in her short life already.  I expect it won't be the last time either!  She's a strong one I tell you.  She got a splinter like scrape in her palm tonight with little miniscule rock chunks logged in for good measure, but trying to get her to let me get them out was so impossible!  I was afraid she'd rip her arm out of the socket.  We tried everything- tweezers, needle, nail clippers, ice cube, sibling distraction, reading book, showing her party prizes... But she did not want me to get at it.  I told her there was a flap of skin and if she let me cut it off with the nail clippers we could see what all is under it to get it out.  She would not let me cut it, but instead ripped the skin off with her own fingers!  I told her- "wow- you're a strong one huh?  And she said "yeah, I'm strong"- and determined and immovable- let's not forget those.

and while I'm showing off stollen pictures, this one is from dad's blog.  We all posed for a group shot and were promised that we'd get a copy.  I'm not sure if this was the best shot.  On the good side, we are all in there (apart from some that were feeling ill in tents).  On the other side, was anyone ready for this pic to be taken just then?  This is called O Naturel!

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