Friday, July 13, 2012

more camping pics

I have two more posts of pics from the camping trip and then I need to upload more pics and answer the inukshuk question also. Getting there...

I got a grouping of girls to go to the museum with.

There was a super fun performance in the evening about endangered critters of the area.  One of our cousins got to be a bird and Dominique held a grass and got to join in for the final song.

The sunsets were majestic, but my camera has a hard time catching it.

The grandpa was always picking up one of the little ones.

Ivan lost another tooth while there.  He has 3 more that are wiggly.  It took forever for him to lose any and now they all seem to be popping out.  Of course with his mouth full of blisters right now, brushing is a bit impossible.  Mouthwash would burn too and even opening his mouth is painful.  So I'm just getting him to try to rinse his mouth with water.  His teeth may get so bad, all of the rest decide to make a flying leap out too!

so fun to get time with cousins.

morning was from when the kids arose to when the non-children adults arose- about noonish for some ;)

I'm hoping we are on the mend.  Ivan's mouth seem a little less sore today.  At least in the morning it's not as bad and he was able to get some cereal down.  Dominique has a few new blisters and Ivan's don't seem to be getting smaller.  Unfortunately we are going to miss a lot of fun activities.  There are things going on at the library, Brian is playing in Craven tonight and tomorrow night and it's gorgeous outside.  But at least the kids have each other.  They are playing hide and seek as I type.  We are doing puzzles, movies and they like for me to read to them on occasion.  I'm afraid it could be a very long week!

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