Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family birthday party

This was most likely the occasion when unknownst to us we shared hand, foot and mouth disease with the Muirhead kids. It was a fun party none the less- I just wish we had known we were carriers of said illness. Dominique and Moira are July babies, so they get to celebrate together.

Birthdays are pretty awesome, especially with so many of us here as a family (3 households so far in town and some that can come in from not too far).  With that every couple of months, there is a great reason to get together, eat a lot of food, sing, play, hang...  Moira was also blowing candles, if you look closely you can see her face behind Dominique.

Moira died her hair.  Now we call her Marilyn (for Marilyn Monroe).

This is my uncle Bill and Aunt Betty.  Aunt Betty is my aunt Mary's sister.  I told her to get with her husband for a picture, but he was busy on his phone, so she borrowed her sister's husband instead.  I'd never seen them laugh so hard and Sheena informed me the smiles and laughs were typical and they are kooks!

OK, so here's aunt Betty and her husband Robert.

The girls so cute in the red chair.

Add a brother and well- you can imagine.  He asked me tonight what a peace maker was.  I started to explain what peace was and how a person can stop people from fighting... it's a tough concept when it's so counter nature!
Neve is always so cute!  Sorry for sharing our yucky illness with you Neve!

Ivan's blisters are dried up, so I checked online to make sure they are not infectious anymore and it says they can carry it for 3 more weeks even with no symptoms.  But I give up really!  There is no way I can keep them in for another 3 weeks and miss all of summer.  So I'm making them wash their hands before we go somewhere public and will clorox my house and get on with life already!  If you can be infectious and not show symptoms, that means that every kid on the planet could be carrying this thing and we'd not know it.  We did check with several friends we were around and no one else got it from us... so I'm hoping we don't bring it to anyone else.  If so, I'm sorry Fort Qu'Appelle!

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