Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 6th birthday Dominique!

I can hardly believe Dominique is 6 today! She is so fun and such a whiz at so many things. Her regular passion is art. Last month she fell in love with soccer. This month she can't get enough of swimming. I would gladly be a beach bum with her and she's loving her lessons, but I'm afraid we have to go at everyone's pace and so far we have a little boy who is quite overheated. I'm still debating how to finish out his week of swim lessons. I think he got some heat exhaustion or stroke or something. The thing is he's already repeating his class from last year and there are only 5 days of class and he started off so strong the first 2 days! He was saying everyday how much he loved it. The water is warm, but the temps have been blazing too. So today it's time inside where it's cool.

Summer is not the best time for a birthday where school friends are involved, but on the flip side, Dominique is getting a whole week of celebrating! We had a family party last week. Today my aunt Marj and uncle Pete were still here, so they got her birthday donuts and she got some gorgeous french braids done by a special aunt, cards are coming in the mail and she'll have a all girls party on Sat.

Our garden is doing amazing, which reminds me, I still need to take pictures of it. Everything is coming up and we are eating lettuce, spinach and radishes so far.

The only down side of summer here is that Brian is busy with work and can't laze around with us all day. But then again, he tends to side with Ivan and finds an entire day at the beach a bit much!

These pics were from the fun we had camping with the cousins reunion.

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