Thursday, July 12, 2012

camping pics

These are pictures from our cousin's reunion camping trip. We enjoyed a couple of walks with cousins. Some I have not seen really since high school.
Grandpa got his grandkid pic in.  Someday not too far in the future, he won't be able to fit them all on his lap anymore.  Even if any new ones are not added, these ones are growing fast!

They have found more dinosaur bones here than anywhere in the world and excavate approx. 6 dinosaurs in the park here each year.

There were several cool displays and a museum and of course trails with signs to walk telling us what we are looking at.  There were other tours also, but we didn't sign up for them.

Saw some flowering cactus and a rattlesnake.  Brian and the kids nearly stepped on the thing!

It's not been so fun since we've gotten back home.  On the drive back, Ivan got a weird rash and his hands and feet were swelling.  Then we started swim lessons, which were awesome.  Then Ivan started to run a fever and feel sick, I thought it was heat stroke.  But then he broke out in blisters on his hand, feet and the worst is in his mouth.  The girls have some little spots too, but nothing nearly as bad as Ivan.  I am watching to see if they get worse though and Dominique has gotten some blisters on her feet since yesterday.

They say recovery is 7 to 10 days, so I'm not looking forward to that!  They already act a bit like they have cabin fever and it's only day 1 and I sure hate sending the neighbor kids away, but this is not something to share with our friends!

OK, I better get them in bed.  These supposedly so sick kids were literally jumping off a table while I was on the phone a minute ago.

Hope you are having a totally gorgeous summer.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Andrew and I are not in any pictures...what happened to us? Hmmm....

Angela said...

we didn't catch any walks together this trip, but I'm sure we'll make up for it when we come that way for the week!