Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I finally uploaded pictures, so I get to show you the amazing difference in our kitchen. Just in time for Father's day, here is how Brian spent one Sat. afternoon.  As you can see, our kitchen is very small.  But by taking out all the cupboards over the dishwasher, and cutting down the cupboards that went to the wall and putting the smaller two sections on the wall, we increased the feel while taking out space to store things.  I did have to get creative and buy a bunch of baskets as a type of drawer for the bottom cupboards, so we can pull out a basket and get the corresponding kitchen stuff.  Now I can see out of the kitchen into the rest of the house, or from the other rooms, we can see in the kitchen.  I have tons more counter space and it's so much easier to prep and get things ready in the kitchen now.

And in other transformations, look at how little Emora was when we first moved in!  Those dining chairs are now beds- hee hee.

We went for a walk the other night to get ice cream (yeah!!) and check out the lake.  It was gorgeous to see the sun set.
We love you Brian- You are a great dad and husband.  Hope you enjoyed your day- even cooking your own supper ;)  He just fired up the grill for our first bbq of the season- burgers.  Now the kid's really think he's the best dad ever!


Anonymous said...

I love open concept! We have a galley kitchen right now and you can't have the dishwasher and the fridge open at the same time... not very functional.


Ian said...

Looking good!

Nana said...

Your kitchen looks larger now. I bet you don't feel closed in now. I do really like it!