Monday, June 25, 2012


I finally got myself into a lake to swim. It was hot Sunday and Brian and I had just gone rock picking. We've wanted to get some rocks to cover up an ugly drain that comes out in the front of the house and one of Janet's friends offered me rocks from her acreage. Of course I found a huge one that I wanted, but we didn't get it this time. It was probably too big anyways for what we did, but it's hard for me to turn from a challenge or idea once it flits through my head. I think I must have some of my dad in me, because I have memories of rock picking and of him always wanting to get the biggest one home, even wrecking a van to bring home the biggest rock.

 A couple of people wanted to declare their love for the Creator through baptism, so we were trying to hurry up with the rocks. I got an idea to let the kids swim and pulled out our supplies. Sure enough we get down to the lake for the baptisms and Emora is soon drenched in water. They were all wading in and she slipped.
The water was so cold! I finally got myself in the water and as I dove it kept feeling like I was diving into a snowbank over and over. Eventually my nerves all froze and it was pleasant, but my trio didn't get more than their legs wet. Arwen was totally soaked and the first to dive in, as usual.
It was so beautiful with the sun shining on the water. I was rejuvenated.
Once home, I worked with the rocks some more while the kids scavenged leftovers out of the fridge. I noticed that some of the rocks were looking like the base of an inukshuk, so I made one. It still needs some work since I didn't have a long rock for the arms. Looks like we'll have another rock picking date at some point, because Brian wants to redo some of the wood border that is deteriorating. Of course, I'll probably be eyeing that big rock again and a good arm rock.

 By the way, these pictures were not from the swim time. I haven't uploaded those ones yet.

Lots of excitement this week, tomorrow is the kid's last "real" day of school and the next day, they visit their class for next year and have their annual, long awaited Wood Tick festival.

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GMS said...

What in the world is an "inukshuk"
Never heard of it?
I would imagine all are excited about Wood Tick.... I mean. the festival...