Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soccerfest pics

Such a perfect weekend. The kids both had a game Friday evening. Dominique's team has struggled all season, but I told her that if she didn't get the ball down to the other end of the field, I'd embarrass her. Right away she got about 3 goals! Who knew! The whole team worked together and stepped it up and they scored a bunch. This one actually went in- although it looks like it would have missed. It was good to finish on a high point since it really was a very rough season for them. Now Dominique is a bit of a soccer maniac. She wants a soccer birthday so that she can invite her friends and play another game! We'll see if she changes her mind in a few weeks.

Ivan got his first goal too which was really exciting. He is not a very strong player, but he is enthusiastic for his team. He made some good stops in goal too and really enjoyed playing with his team. They were a very strong team, so that gave Ivan some chances to improve too and he was quite ecstatic that they won all their games. There is no score board, but apparently the kids or someone was counting the goals.

It's nice to knock something off the schedule. We now have Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings back.

Only one and a half weeks of school left. The kids are pretty pumped about it and we are all looking forward to the last day which is the woodtick festival and the highlight of the year!

Brian worked for his new boss today. He's still in remodeling, but hopefully this guy will be a more positive environment. They will be working on a house from the ground up, so that will be neat too for Brian to get to be a part of a project from start to finish.

We rearranged some in the house and hung new hooks and rearranged a bit and it's so awesome! It's crazy how some hooks and the kids being able to put up their own packs or get their lunch boxes out of sight is nice or to get rid of clutter in Emora's room is so refreshing!

I keep hoping to get in the lake, but it's been a cold and rainy spring. There was a bit of rain during our first game Sat. at which point Dom's coach's wife pulled out an umbrella for the team and her mother-in-law wrapped the kids in her coat to keep them warm. Cathy (the one with the coat) is also the principal in the high school. It always surprises me how people are so inter-related here and how many people grew up here and stayed all this time.
I thinned out the garden. It was sad to pull out healthy plants. I didn't like it at all, but I guess it will produce better. It's shocking to see how well it's all coming in. We had very little success in gardening in Abilene, so we keep expecting nothing to grow. It's encouraging to see some fruit on the way and we are looking for that in hope in many layers in our lives.


Jenefer Maron said...
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Ian said...

Looks like you got spammed with the previous comment! Ruth and I went to watch Imogen's soccer game last night. Their team actually were able to score a few goals. Only two games left...Jennifer will be relieved since she is the coach. It is too bad that we are not close enough to take in Ivan's or Dominique's games. Love to all.

Angela said...

I invited you guys, but mom said your weekends are swamped and that's when they had their games. Maybe next season ;)