Saturday, June 02, 2012

More from play day

Some days I feel totally spoiled, getting to enjoy life here. Other times I get discouraged. So on the super days, I try to remind myself why it's so amazing to live here.

We love the school here. There are caring teachers and good programs and lots of diversity with real life issues and searching going on. They are not being raised in a bubble here, that's for sure. Educators and students full of innocence and life try to wrestle through real life problems and generations of hurt. At times it can be frightening in the reality of it all, but to us that's what it means to be in the world and not of the world, to engage and be understanding, to be a friend to those longing for hope. At times we are those longing for hope, and so I need to tell myself to breathe and remember again, the healing sounds of the waves on the beach, the graceful soaring of the pelican (of all creatures- so goofy looking, but you should see them fly!!), the fun of recognizing faces all throughout town and some being family on top of it all is amazing!

I did some errands yesterday, actually about 5 of them in about 15 minutes! I could have walked them if one of them wasn't to fill the van with gas!

The process of knowing people is still slow, but we are in the season when people are out and conversation over a fence, in a yard, on the soccer field is natural and easier.

Our garden is starting to pop up, but I think my tomatoes already died. Apparently, they can't get in as quickly as the rest of the garden. But we bought the plants and could get some more if these ones don't recover.

Our front tree is starting to bloom.

Our plants from the fall are looking great, although I'm still waiting for them to bloom.

We need to go rock picking again at some point. We may have a possibility of a place with rocks. I love what rocks do in landscaping. We need some for the front bed, where Brian put in an ugly looking drain from the eaves.

Then we'd like some more as stepping stones in the garden.

I'm really looking forward to the kids being off from school, although this month is the grand finale of school months. They have so much fun things planned and in my opinion, those outings with the teachers and their class is as important as the math, reading and writing. It's time to celebrate all their hard work together. It's time to finish with joy. It's time to bond over caterpillars and butterfly parades, year end excursions and the much anticipated Wood Tick festival. It's time to say well done to all. We have learned, we have grown, we have formed friendships, navigated relational issues, battled with learning issues and come out ahead... ready for a break, a breather, when we can go out to the beach and take it easy, play, explore, read what interests us and hopefully go on some fun outings too.

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GMS said...

Sand & bubbles, so much fun.
I remember playing croquet too.
I love the way you look forward and back too in your reflections.
Life is good!