Sunday, June 10, 2012


This is Brian with his band GH Summit based in Regina, SK. They are mostly a family band- husband and wife duo with Graham (the lead's) brother on guitar, son in law on drums. Graham's daughter (wife to drummer) also sings and plays accordion, but with little ones and the fact that they need a drummer, she hasn't gotten to perform of late. This gig was at the Cathedral Art's festival. They played in my friend Kate's backyard deck and were a big hit. It was fun to finally get to go to one of their gigs. I had only met Graham and his wife Pixie before once briefly. One of the downfalls is being so far from them. Brian is really reenergized and refocused from playing with them and it would have been sweet if we could all benefit more often, but all in time.

Hadn't seen Brian play bass in years!  That was fun.  I'm glad he didn't sell it all this time!

The weekend was a bit crazy, but lots of good came of it- as far as I'm concerned.  We had soccer in a town about 30 min. away, then went into the city for a few quick errands.  We hightailed it back to Fort Qu'Appelle and arrived a bit late for a birthday party.  Just the girls wanted to go, so I took them while the boys demolished our kitchen.  It was awesome to walk back to my kitchen all opened up.  I'll post pictures at some point.  So that night, I was painting a wall and dusting off dishes and silverware.  The next morning it was time to vacuum, sweep and mop all the sawdust away and gaze at the space!  We have a tiny kitchen, but by sacrificing some cupboards, we can at least so out to the rest of the upstairs now.

This afternoon, I tried to take my kids and Arwen to the beach.  We arrived, but so did a cold wind.  Some others had the same idea and the parking lot was fairly full, but only a few brave souls got themselves in the COLD water- one of them being Arwen.  She looked like she was having a blast, but us wimps, shivered on the beach in the sun and strong wind.  The waves were a good foot and a half high.  I read for a while with Emora cuddling in my lap in the towels. 

I'm also hoping she is not coming down with something, because tomorrow is a huge day.  She had a mild fever tonight, but I need to go into the city for groceries and errands which I wanted to include the library and pool.  Ivan has an after school program so we won't need to pick him up until 5pm.  I've been looking forward to it all weekend, and so have the girls.  They both have new swimsuits they want to wear!  So hoping she's better in the morning!

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