Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A little while back, we took a family hike up a hill in Lebret.

  It's pretty fun here to hike up a hill because the view is different from every one. We live in a valley and there are rolling hills all around us, so there are lots of hills to choose from. I'm not sure which ones- if any are private, but there are a few with trails that I know of. It would be fun to explore and see how many hills we could climb.

The climb is not too hard for the kids either, but make for a good cardio workout none the less.

The only bad part was that we got covered in ticks, but I've come to figure out that they are REALLY bad this year. I had one on me today as I walked into the school. I have no idea how it got on me!

And although they are totally disgusting, I guess it's good they don't bite and make me itchy. I nearly always find them on me as they are still crawling and not attached yet.

Whoever, tonight's fun adventure was to try out a new ice cream shop in town. I'm not sure if it's new or just moved, because the old ice cream place closed. But the new one is way cuter, in a building I've peeked in over and over because it looks so unique inside. The prices were good and ice cream delish!

So we are pretty excited! It was cheaper and better that DQ so it'll be a regular fun I'm sure for us ;) We can walk there too, so maybe that will counter some of the effects of my 2 scoops!!

Before we had explored much of the street (we discovered that the coffee shop closed- boooo- although the ambiance was great, the coffee really was not all that good- and a florist moved from down the street)- Dominique had to use a bathroom.

Since there weren't any nearby and Brian was about to go clean the bank, we decided to take the kids there so she could use the facilities. While she did that, I started cleaning the downstairs. Before we knew it, the kids were begging to help, so we gave them jobs and all cleaned as a family. It was fun, albeit a bit chaotic. I had to fire Ivan after he didn't listen TWICE to instructions, but rehired him soon after since he was so eager to do something and found another way to help. We had the whole thing done really quick, maybe as little as 20 min!

So in the end, we all got to walk home together- which was nice.

I was watering our plants and garden.

I'm very excited because all our garden seeds are coming up!

We had added new soils and peat moss in the fall and this spring I picked all the weeds before we rottortilled and I've only had to pick one weed since! There are a few volunteer seeds coming up. I'm sure from our compost.

The tomatoes suffered some frost damage, but I think are coming back. Two of them have flowers on them and so does one of the raspberry canes. Even the okra is coming up! So very exciting! We were not successful at all with gardening in Abilene, so this all seems quite amazing to us!

Ivan had a bunch of fears about an outing, but after talking to the teacher about it, he is feeling much better and maybe even getting excited about it. We are so thankful for many many things.

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