Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wednesday list

On my list today... take Ivan and Dominique to school and keep the littlest one. Visit some friends for a bit and drop off baby towels no longer needed.
Make muffins.
Clean the house... hum, I haven't got a single picture of us cleaning the house! Well, you can imagine that part- it's quite exciting really. I did half yesterday, so that was good. I got the girls to tidy up in exchange for watching a video and doing computer.

Put away the laundry.

Play outside maybe.

and maybe with the cat too. figure out something for supper, get the kids, get them fed and to soccer, clean bank if Brian doesn't have the energy, although I am finding he would rather have the peace of the bank cleaning than the rowdy of the kids' bath and I don't mind baths so much- depending on how the day went.

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GMS said...

What a list!
I'm tired just reading it all.