Thursday, June 07, 2012

neighborhood friends

We are thankful that there are many little friends in our neighborhood. My cousin's best friend lives across the street from us. She has 5 gorgeous kids. Teenagers (ie. babysitters), then Fiorella who is a year younger than Ivan and a year older than Dominique (ie. perfect for the twosome to play with), then Nic. who is Emora's age and a 1 year old. They are a bit busy ;) But sometimes we get to play together. This day, we went for a walk to the beach park.

Of course, we can't stray from the house too far without snacks in the mix and it was nearing lunch time by the time we were able to get out!

There is always interesting nature things to see when out in nature- go figure! This time I found the coolest lace-like see through leaf.

Emora is a bit sweet on Nic. She likes to get a rise out of her older siblings by saying that he is her boyfriend. She knows she is too young to have boyfriends and the big siblings get all riled up telling her so, then she laughs and laughs!

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GMS said...

Just LOVE your perspective on life and activities and discoveries.