Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still recovering

I've felt a cold coming on for some days now so I've been resting lots, and trying to ditch sickness quickly. I don't feel so bad, but after a nap, I feel WAY better. Unfortunately, Ivan seems to have gotten it too. I kept him home from school today. This morning I was wondering if he really should be home as he was watching a video, wanting to look at picture albums and read, but he had a great nap this afternoon and has gotten worse. He now has a mild fever and sounds like he's got croup. We just picked up some more children's tylenol, but he took one taste and is refusing to swallow it. He is terrible with medicine he doesn't like- even if I get it down him, he has a history of immediately throwing it up, so that makes me leery of forcing it into him.

Poor guy is groaning and moaning and finished 3 chapter books. I sure hope the girls don't get it.

Here are some more pictures taken by my cousin Sheena.

Our hearts are with several of our friends going through very difficult situations, so even as we are joyful that the bathroom is nearly done or that we are generally healthy and so thankful for each other, our hearts are heavy for others who are grieving relationships and dealing with their brokenness. We could all be there so easily so we are also humbled and reminded to give thanks as well as be a friend and most of all follow the path the Lover has placed us on and not give into the ways of our broken world. We are so ingrained in our culture to place ourselves first, but that is the fastest way to fall fast and hard and drag down a host of people with us. It's a delicate balance to be healthy, careful to love ourselves without putting our own needs above others.


GMS said...

Balance is difficult and sometimes the scale has to dip one way or the other based on circumstances and situations. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of the others depending on you. Rest is good.

Olivia said...

YUCKY! So sorry. I hope everyone gets better super fast. I wonder what some creative ways to get meds down him would be? Those photos are so cute. I love the one of you and Brian touches noses! It is adorable. I am so excited to see you soon!

Ian said...

That second last picture looks two are starting to look alike!
Get better soon so you can enjoy your trip.