Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pics by Sheena Koops

My cousin took some pics of us.

I'm fighting a bit of a head cold, so I'm trying to rest lots. Yesterday I let the girls do computer and crawled back into bed. A couple of extra hours really helped.

Today, Ivan and Dominique are in school and Emora takes a nap anyways, so I'm hoping we can nip this little bug and be done with it.

Brian is getting the basement bathroom renovated, so that is exciting and I've been slowly getting the girls' beds built. It's slow going since I need Brian and his tools to do it too and the bathroom has been the real priority.

We are racing a bit since we want these done before we leave for Texas and the weekend before we go, we'll be going to Stoon to see everyone real quick and drop off Saba for her vacation with the grandparents ;) Thanks mom!

These pics were taken by my cousin in the high school library. We do have some little readers in the family and that makes me very, very happy. They are such sweetums.


GMS said...

Pray you feel better soon.
Books can be great friends, so glad they love them like you do.

jenn with two n's said...

I echo Grandma Sue! Hope you will feel better. Love the pics. Library time is so special to us too. Looking forward to you being here.

Ian said...

I hope that you get better soon Angela. It is amazing that I can check up on things half way around the world. Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar. Love y'all!