Sunday, November 20, 2011

she wore her jeans!

I don't know how I managed to have 3 kids so particular about clothes, but then I don't like fussy clothes, so I guess that is my own particular taste too. Dominique and Emora like "fancy" clothes and Ivan likes tight pants (tight on his waist) and t-shirts. Even though it's cold, he has yet to wear a long sleeve shirt. So Dominique and I painted on some of her least favorite pants that she thinks are too boyish. She will have to wear them because the only pants she has been wearing are knickers and socks or knickers and skirts and socks. One school day I made her go back to her room and tone down her clothes. She had tights, knickers, socks, a skirt and dress on all in bright contrasting colors. She looked like a clown! Really, I'm trying to encourage her free spirit, but not so much on school days. Then I try to give her a bit more guidelines clothing wise. Today she tried on her jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She looked so normal and so schoolish- it made her seem older-- so strange! It was cute, but we love her wild ways too. Hopefully she can be some of both and find lots of avenues to express her love for color.

We get lots of hand-me downs, which we so appreciate. Emora got this in a bag of clothes and she is so proud of it. She wanted me to get the camera and take her picture. Well, of course, I had to oblige. I thought it was cute how she kind of looks like snow white too.

The big kids and I had a blast tonight. I left Emora and took Ivan and Dominique to the public skate. I actually got to skate some and the big kids got some personal attention with me too, which we never get when Emora is along. By the end of the evening both the big kids went across the ice without the bar to assist them! It was glorious. They had the biggest smile on their faces and are all excited to try again next week. We will get to go to the pool this week too. We have Friday off from school, so we're going to all go to the pool and we'll see if Ivan will brave the diving board. I'm sure Dominique will want to do it again. I LOVE seeing them learn something new. So amazing!!


GMS said...

They are each amazing & so are you! I love the pants. You do have a little Snow White there for sure.
I guess you getting to skate too means your knee is some better.
Sounds like you will enjoy the winter as much as you did the summer. Good for you!

jenn with two n's said...

Love what you did with the pants! Immy can be colourful and creative too that way. :) We re-instated our family swim night on Friday and so loved it. Immy was way more brave and did things that she wouldn't do before and Isaac loved it too. He was walking around in the water and wasn't afraid. When Imogen woke up Saturday morning she said, "It's a family day...and you know what that means?" To which we replied, "We can't go swimming again tonight!" We will have to try skating soon.
Love you and all your energy! So excited to see you all in less than a month!

Anonymous said...

Funny when you were their age you would have fun in clothes too. Remember you crying once because you did not want to wear a blouse which was sleeveless. Glad it was given to you! It was only after you got much older you change your taste in clothes. Remember the grade 12 grad dress. We still have pictures, You did look regal! Plus a Prof. one of your class mate's dad thought the same.Mom always see the whole picture. m