Wednesday, November 16, 2011

trying to do too much...

I realized as the kids were going off to school that maybe today would be a good day to go into the city. I think of this at 9am, not last week or even last night, when I wasn't sure if Brian would make it home that night or if the roads were bad causing him to delay. He made it home and was taking the big kids to school, they have GLOW right after and after that Brian could pick them up, so that left me an open slate.

I threw some food in a bag, my lists in my purse and a kid in the van, trying to make some quick calls to get the day organized a bit better.

I got fabric for the girl's headboards, spent 1.5 hours in dreaded WALMART doing dreaded SHOPPING, got a bed for Emora (thankfully it fit in the van), got calls from cousin Janet who went the extra mile and found transportation for the kids to GLOW. That was a good thing, or we wouldn't have had time to get groceries. Emora was a GEM the entire time in the stores and I gave her some more food to snack on while we did another 1.5 hours in Superstore!! By the time we got to the cash register, I realized I was totally wasted tired. I asked Emora if she could drive me home and she said she didn't know how to work the van. Smart girl!

Usually when we go do an errand and swim in the city, she crashes on the way home, but this time she cried and whined 30 min. of the ride home instead- she fell asleep the last 15 min. and the time it took me to unload everything, then when I had to take her out of the van, she cried and whined another 30 minutes while I put things away. By the time Brian walked into the door with the big kids I was about comatose on the couch!

It's hard because it does not seem worthwhile to make the drive in and just get one thing done, then have to turn around and do more a few days later, so I'm always trying to get WAY TOO MUCH done. Emora was so fabulous all the way through, until the end when she basically said "that was insane!" and I have to agree, but I don't see much of a way around it.

We have everything we need for the beds now. We are reusing and repurposing all the materials except the cloth material I got for about $15 and the one mattress we bought. Emora was so excited about her bed and can hardly wait for me to finish it for her. I made a dent in the Christmas shopping which is much better in the done state than in the dreaded state and we have vegetables in the fridge which makes me so happy! We need some chill and play days I think.

Brian being gone made us feel like we were spinning a bit to just keep afloat with everything... it's so much easier when there are two of us to manage.


jenn with two n's said...
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jenn with two n's said...

There was an interview on the radio about a guy who has written a book on how we should fix things rather than throw things away. I couldn't help but think of you and your repurposing. You are so good at this! I felt like calling up the show and bragging about my sister. Love you and glad you got some shopping out of the way without totally losing your mind (and Emora's)

Anonymous said...

Solution to your problem: move to the "big" city. ;) That way you can run errands whenever you please, no long drives either.
Ok, bad joke aside. You are right to make one big day out of it. It's crazy, insane but worth it. And you know it. Glad to hear Emora was a jewel all the way through, grant her the crying, you would have too if you weren't as grown up as you are. ;)
I agree with Jenn, it's awesome how you re-use so many things, like old windows to make paintings. How cool is that. The chair-bed thing: even better. Go you!

MacLeodofSaskatoon said...

I guess that I will have to wait until Dec. 6 to experience the fun of winter. Oh well!