Sunday, December 04, 2011

more pics by Sheena

I loved how Emora was posing here. It was so ladylike and grown up. We didn't put her in this position, she did it all her own.

The did these poses on their own too.

And these ones!
My sweet girls are sleeping in their completed beds tonight. I'll have to upload the pics to show you the slow, ever so slow transformation. I'm a bad judge of time. I would think it would take us an hour to screw the pieces together and it would take half a day. I have to give tons of credit to Brian who was the brawns of the operation. He was also a bit picky about things like- it not falling apart or being weak- piddly things like that!! So now we have super sturdy new beds recreated from the bed supports of a day bed and 4 dining room chairs (all of which were falling apart). So exciting.

We are still recovering from our colds, so it may have to be a bit of a calm week again, although my cousin and I are swapping kids a couple of days so that I can get into the city solo on Tues. and she can go with just one baby on Thurs.


GMS said...

I notice no Ivan pics but the girls sure are cute.
Swapping kids is a great idea & comes in handy for shopping.
Feel better soon.

Ian said...

I remember a little girl called Angela who liked to pose for pictures too.