Monday, November 21, 2011

friends and family

Dominique took Emora and my picture one day. Can't remember what the occasion was.

It was fun to watch Neve light up to this book. Babies are so amazing. She was totally getting into it and it's so incredible to think that this little person is understanding things and relating to people and her world in her own way.

Dominique's got a best friend in her class. She and Sierra love to play together and they are quite sweet. But Dominique does drive me a bit batty when she begs everyday to play with Sierra!

Today started off a bunch of uncertainties and scheduling mayhem, but smoothed right out with some help from the neighbor and promises of help from others, that we didn't actually need in the end. Sometimes I like a quiet day-- especially when it starts off looking a bit too crazy!

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GMS said...

I don't think you need a special "occasion" for a picture to be taken; it's a good one.
Also love the one of Dominique & her friend. They look very happy.