Monday, November 28, 2011

video time

Sorry I've been so delinquent. We had a super busy weekend with 2 sleepovers of 2 sets of cousins and a trip to the city with a library story time in town, then a library visit in the city, swimming all afternoon (4 hours) with the kids jumping off the diving board (big highlight), a run to get groceries, 1st cousin sleepover, then other cousins coming from Saskatoon for fun and sleepover. Yesterday we got to visit the Community Outreach Center as a big gang and later I took the kids skating. Ivan and Dominique are getting better and better at skating without the assistance of a bar, so that is so fun.

Today I'm fighting a cold, so trying to rest up-- but outside it's totally gorgeous so I feel bad missing out on the nice temperatures.

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Nana said...

We have an ice skating rink at the mall if you want to bring y'alls skates.