Saturday, November 05, 2011

More from halloween

It's been a super awesome weekend! I got to be part of a video/skype baby blessing for my bestest friend Tighe in Texas and it was so encouraging. That got me missing her and my friends their some, so after I was done, Brian and I got out the calendars to figure out our game plan. We are totally going to have the kids ditch some school- so that we can spend some time at the grands in Houston and then with friends in Abilene.

I woke up this morning, thinking that there are not near enough hours in Saturdays. I wish we could double it. My wish list of things to get done needed a good 35 hour day, but I was able to get a couple of monster items off the list and calling people to make plans for our Christmas vacation perked me up some more.

I went ahead and cleaned the bank today instead of my usual Sunday afternoon so that we can go skating tomorrow during public skate time and also enjoy an afternoon off. While cleaning, I kept picturing us on the road headed to our former "home". It'll be so lovely and several details have already been taken care of, so that's way fun.

We didn't get up the flag hill, but Ivan was gone with Brian all day to the city, I figured one fun thing a weekend was enough. They got supplies to refinish the unfinished basement bathroom, so that is getting me so excited too. Once that is done we can really say the renovations are done. Of course there are other things we dream of, like replacing rotting windows, but some of those things are maintenance or improvements in my mind, not really a part of the basement renos.

The only bummer with him finishing the basement bathroom is that I may feel like I have to clean it then!! Right now there is only a cement floor and the toilet is destroyed by the hard water, the sink is plastic, so none of it cleans well and even if I clean it, they still look terrible, so my solution is to just give it a very rare swipe with a cloth so that it is not totally revolting. I mostly just ignore it though- which has been pretty fun ;)

Rumor is we could get our first snowfall tonight, so we'll see if we wake up to a white blanketed town. If we do there will be many squeals of delight from some very excited kids. They've been wondering when the snow would come while I was thankful that it's held off and been so nice so long. We got all the summer toys into the shed this time in preparation. Last year, we'd left stuff out and quickly realized that plastic is destroyed pretty fast under 4 feet of snow. It did make spring thaw exciting with treasures coming up through the snow banks though.


Kimberley said...

I know what you mean about Saturdays needing to be longer. I need to get household things done on the weekend when Jason is home to watch Nathan. But I also want to have some family time. And Jason needs time to relax as well. I think that weekends should be at least 3 days long.

Davis Family said...

A trip south? That will be so exciting for all of you!

Ian said...

I have found that being retired that every day except Sunday feels like a is great!