Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snow pictures!!

This was after our first snow. We didn't have much, but enough to pull the sled and make a little pile. An Abilene, Texas size snow fall- when we used to borrow snow from all the neighbors to make a half snow/half grass snowman. A day or so ago, we got a huge dump. In fact, I shoveled snow for about an hour today, but haven't taken pictures of it yet.

I used to joke with the Texans that we went to school being pulled by sled dogs. I guess the truth now is not so far from my story then as the kids pulled Emora to school.

My mom and aunt Carmen came for a quick visit last weekend. We showed them around a bit and got a pic. beside the icy water of Echo lake.

Better go make some supper, hummm may be pizza night since we are having a fun inside day. After shoveling, Dominique and I painted flowers and butterflies using stencils on several of her pants that she refuses to wear because they are not pretty enough!! And our big excitement for the evening will be a movie from the library and desert of hot chocolate with ice cubes laced with cinnamon and marshmallows. Dominique wanted to do an "experiment" today. She saw a video where kids put grapes and cereal in ice cubes, but since I didn't want to drink soggy cereal and I didn't think the kids would either and since we don't have grapes right now, I figured cinnamon and marshmallows would be fun in drinks and oatmeal to cool them down- after they are heated. Kids are so complicated some times!!


Davis Family said...

I have a little girl who won't wear pants at all. Because they aren't pretty and they are too "boyish." Ugghhh!! The fashion queens!

Ian said...

Isn't it wonderful to live a complicated life!