Saturday, July 02, 2011

S'been a while

I can't believe it hasn't even been a week since school let out and soccer ended. Our lives have been caught up in a whirlwind and I'm wondering if this is how summers really go-- I don't mind so much, it's a fun whirlwind, just a little crazy!!

Ivan did super awesome in school this year. Here he is receiving an award with one of his classmates. He has a new teacher next year and will be in the grade 2 class. His teacher this year will teach a grade 1-2 split. He is sad he won't have her again since and I quote "she is the BEST teacher I ever had!". Since this is really his first year of school, I'm not sure how big of a compliment that is.

Have I mentioned here how incredible his school is? I totally love it. They have a huge party for the last day- called the "wood tick festival". The teachers and staff all man booths all over the playgrounds, there are jumpy castles, crafts, professional face painters, and tons of creative activities to do, plus the firetruck comes and sprays water to those kids who want to run through it's spray. It's beautiful. Then in the afternoon, there was a street dance. The blocked off the street and played music with one of the teachers as DJ and let the kids dance. Ivan got his teacher to dance with him and some other kids. Who can say they got to dance with their grade one teacher the last day of school? So sweet!!

The next day was one of our hottest days yet and my cousin was inviting friends to one of the beaches at a nearby lake. It was so wonderful. I think I found what I want to do for the rest of my life- be a beach bum! If only the weather would accomodate!!

We headed home from the beach about the time that my mom and dad arrived. They came for a couple of nights for a quick visit and got to see our very nearly finished basement. They headed out Canada Day right before we realized that the town does a parade. Brian went out to do an errand and saw that something was going on, so I rushed out with the kids and we got to see most of the action. Then hung out some with cousins for lunch and headed to a campground in Craven where Brian played music with some guys and we got to see fireworks too. It was a very long day and late night.

Today I had to do the dreaded job of shopping! I used to enjoy grocery shopping. It was nice to get out once a week and find the good deals, get some fresh produce and do our little routine. Here it's not so easy. I get sale items in town weekly and while I love the speed of it, I miss affordable and a variety of fresh produce. I can get that in the city, but that means a 45 min. drive just to get there and then I have only been going when I am really out of a lot of things meaning that I am pushing the biggest monster load of groceries that it is crazy. I hate to find out the huge amount I spent, and while I should be overjoyed that I found some of my favorite fruits or vegetables at great prices, I am more sad that I can't get that weekly. The one AWESOME thing about todays shop was that I got to do it without my three adorable munchkins and I got to sit at the end and visit with my cousin Janet, who I spotted there just as I was finishing up.


GMS said...

Sounds like a great start to the summer. Since it's probably much shorter up there than in Texas, I guess you need to cram pack those days with as much as you can.
Looking forward to seeing y'all soon.

Ian said...

Thanks for the couple of days of R &R. We look forward to many more visits.