Tuesday, July 05, 2011

the flood waters

It's been a while since I went to the in town beach to see how the water was doing, but the last time I did, this was the state of affairs. It was closed off from the main road, but not from the TransCanada Trail path, so I figured that must give the die hards kind of permission to check things out. This is the parking lot to what was the boat dock. You can see a tree uprooted and a building knocked down.

Here's another pic of the parking lot, you can see the water level marks on the tree trunks.

I found the shadows playing on the water so pretty.

I was wondering if this was the work of a beaver.

Another bench blown over by the waters- you can see the wall that bordered what used to be the beach just past the bench. If you wadded in the water, you could have a rude surprise by the 2 foot drop past the wall- not really an ideal spot for swimming just yet.


Anonymous said...

I like those trees,looks like high fashioned pants and boots, mom

Davis Family said...

We had considered coming to sask again this summer but are likely to defer it again thanks to another year of flooding (in a different area than last but on our planned route). So maybe next year -sigh!