Sunday, July 10, 2011

First fishing day and first fish!

We had an awesome day yesterday. We went to the farmer's market, saw uncle Mike make a couple of paintings, got a new vegetable and went home for lunch, packed up, let the little ones have a little nap and headed out to the beach. We swam some, played lots, ate and the guys got Ivan's fishing pole working. He was a lot scared of fishing, so he let everyone else take turns before I told him to impress me, so he cast and caught his first fish! He's of course a fishing expert now. He was very proud of his catch, but I have a feeling most of the work to getting it can be in thanks to uncle Ian, who set the lures, dug up worms, put them on the hooks, attached the fish to their homemade holder and held the fish for Ivan's picture, since Ivan didn't want to get too close. Ivan asked if I wanted the fish (they caught 6) and when he added that he'd clean them for me, I agreed that "yes, I'd love to have them once you clean them!" YEAH for uncles!!!!

We are enjoying one last afternoon with my sister and her family here. Next week will be swimming lessons. I sure hope they do well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ivan!! Nice fish.


Nana said...

Bread that fish, drop it hot oil, fix up a batch of hushpuppies and um um um chow down!! Good catch Ivan!!

Ian said...

Looks like a mess of perch. Good job Ivan.

GMS said...

Are the swimming lessons in a pool or the lake?
Just curious?
I'm not sure the water in the lake is going to be warm enough for me.