Sunday, July 24, 2011

More from the Wallace visit

There were lots of highlights from the Wallace's visit. My sister, her husband John, daughter Imogen and son Isaac filled our home with joy, laughter and lots of fun.

The two curly heads loved, loved playing together with toys.

It was pure delight to watch Immy and her brother wrestle in the sun at the beach. They so love each other.

We were spoiled by the auntie and uncle with a meal out at the Bounty for fish and chips and ice cream- yummy.

A museum in Lebret was a fun tour. The girls liked sitting in the barber chair.

They also checked out the books at a used book store in Lebret.

And face paint is always fun for all.

I still need to upload pictures from our current guest's visit- Grandpa Ray and Grandma Sue are so fun! We went into the city yesterday, where we were thoroughly spoiled with gifts and shopping, a Texan reminder with lunch at Chillies and a fun afternoon touring a great museum in the city.

Brian has been working like crazy with my cousin Mike on a rooftop across the street. We were hoping to go berry picking today, but the rain is keeping us in for now anyways. Lazy days are fun too though ;)

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GMS said...

Love Imogen's hair.
Quite the adventures.