Friday, July 22, 2011


July is kind of the party month in our family. It starts on day one, July 1st, being Canada Day. Andrea Muirhead, my cousin seen on far right in green hat made sure that all the cousins had appropriate attire for the big day. We happened upon a parade in town, then ate lunch together and then my group went off to Craven where Brian got to play music with some friends he has made here.

We also get to celebrate July 4th! See being dual citizens does have it's advantages ;)

While we are in the outfit category, this is my cousin Ian's wife Janet- mom to the darling Kellen, Lanelle and baby Neve. She made this dress for Dominique.

And gave it to her at this little party! Moira and Dominique celebrated their birthdays in a party together with a whole batch of cousins, aunties, uncles, grands...

I had fun making their cake. It's supposed to be them, Moira playing piano and Dominique dancing.

Here's another outfit pic. I guess this was celebrating being CRAZY with cousins, 'cause there always has to be some craziness!!


Ian said...

The picture of Dominique and Emora is wonderful. I like the stripes from the light and the stripes on their clothes complementing each other.

Nana said...

The girls look really good in their "stars and stripes"!