Friday, July 29, 2011

In the city

In the city is small town talk around here for Regina. We went there one day and had a blast at the Royal Saskatchewan museum. Then I drove them by the parliament building, where true to my MacLeod nature, we had to stop for pictures.

It was a wonderful day. The kids were spoiled with gifts and we were all spoiled with a trip to Chillies' restaurant, which was very strange for me. We went to Chillies several times while living in Abilene, Texas and of course they are all decorated the same. It was very weird to sit at a table inlaid with Mexican tile, eating a meal with a tortilla involved and being with the Texan grandpa all while being in Saskatchewan.

Today is dad's birthday- Happy Birthday dad and I'll see you soon!

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Ian said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. See you soon.