Friday, July 08, 2011


We've had a crazy busy week with cousins here. My sister, her husband, daughter and son have been with us, so we have been partying it up. In the mornings, we've been doing camp cousins, with them and Janet, her 3 kids and Arwen- another cousin. The kids have really enjoyed learning about the Lover through songs, puppets and activities. We've also really enjoyed journaling. Wed. night we also joined up with the entire Koops clan for a birthday bash- for Moira (cousin) and Dominique. I made them a piano player and dancer cake. Of course I've taken pictures of all these events and activities, but they are still on my camera and I'm really hoping I am able to get them off. (The connection was being stupid for me last time I did it- so I'm a bit scared now for another attempt).

Tomorrow we have another big day planned and I hope the weather accomodates. We are heading to the Farmer's market to see Mike Koops do his spray paint art and then off to the beach for time with family swimming, playing, canoeing and fishing. Ivan will get to try out his last year's birthday present for the first time. He has already declared that it will be the best day of his life (he has those often). It'd be so fun if he catches something. I'm hoping there will be enough adults there for me to get a few laps in and that it is really hot to entice me into the cold water!


Ian said...

I wish I could go fishing with Ivan!

Angela said...

do you have a license? We'll be there for a week- arriving the 31st of July, or you could come back with us after that week ;) Lots of fishing here!