Saturday, July 30, 2011

sights in Fort Qu'Appelle

Here is Brian with his awesome gig poster (created by my cousin, Mike). Tonight is the night he will be playing at the Fish and Chips restaurant Bounty on Boundary. They have a great Saskatoon berry milkshake that I plan to take advantage of.

Sorry these two will miss the live performance, but they did get to see Brian's name in lights on Broadway- just down from here, they were advertising the momentous night.

Here is the big eyes, big, not so sweet smile.

When these pictures were taken, we had just toured the local museum. It is so fun to tour museums with people of varying generations. Ray remembered some of the items being in his growing up or that of his grandparents, I did too and of course it was all new to my kids. Sue was commenting on the display featuring the way nursing was done. Always so fun to have so many perspectives.

We had lunch a couple of times at the beach which was so fun.

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