Sunday, June 26, 2011

My little walk

Sundays, after I clean the bank, I usually try to get a little time alone with a walk somewhere. Brian my cousins and I have been reading a book called the Artist's Way. It's amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not into creating much, we all have a side of us that wants to have art in our lives. Anyways, it asks us to take an artist date each week. So far, I haven't been able to get very creative about it, but I have enjoyed my walks alone- or not quite so alone. As I walked down a path today, a deer turned onto the same path without realizing I was there. It was captivated by eating and I just stood there without moving. It wandered my way for a good 30 feet or so before it realized that I may not be it's best friend and hightailed it back where it had come from. It was so cool. I also got to see a duck and about 20 ducklings swim off and scared up plenty of geese.

I'd been looking forward all winter to the beach, but it is so wet still that cleanup has not really been possible. Only this one section was mowed. I'd hoped to find seaweed washed up to put in our compost, but since we didn't find any, the kids helped me gather grass clippings instead. See the bench above that was ripped out of the ground by the water and pushed up onto the play ground? It used to be anchored in by it's cement platform and rebar next to the lake. You can also see water levels on the ramp.

One more day of school- REPORT CARD day! and then the wood tick festival!! Summer is nearly officially begun.

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