Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grandparent time!!

We had to say goodbye for now to this wonderful couple last night. Brian's dad, Ray and his wife Sue came to visit us all the way from Albany, NY. They were here 9 days and we had lots of fun together. I still haven't uploaded my pictures, so all the credits of these beauties go to grandma Sue and grandpa Ray's camera and picture taking.

While they were here, we discovered that Emora doesn't know how to smile nicely for pictures. Grandpa said that she has big eyes and now look at what we are getting in photo shoots. I remember having to teach Dominique how to smile nice for the camera and now it looks like I have another recruit to train. I showed her her picture from the camera and you could see she was trying to figure out how she did her face and what a "natural" smile would be. I trained Dominique so well that she now does model poses for pictures to top off a pretty smile!

Big thanks too for the water bottle for Emora grandma Sue! What a sweet treasure for her to keep. It's like a part of you is still here!

The kids loved to play on grandma and grandpa's iphones.

Such an awesome thing to have grands that love us, make that huge long trip to see us and fill our lives with joyful memories.


GMS said...

We enjoyed every minute and love the post and pictures you put up of our visit.
Great memories!

Anonymous said...

Glad you both had a good trip and visit.I am sure the kids enjoyed it even more than you did.
Grand parents are more like the base of a cake and the icing on top.The middle,leave that to the parents!
Grandma R