Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the BEACH!

The kids and I are spending our week at the beach. They are in swim lessons at about 11am, so we go, I pack a lunch and I found out that in the afternoon there are free crafts in a room and outdoor ball games hosted by the park, not to mention a play area and the lake. Today, cousin Arwen did not want to leave, so she stayed with us and the kids and her built an entire sand castle village in the wet sand by the shore. They were disappointed to leave it, so I promised they could make another tomorrow. The kids did great their first day of class, but today was not so "hot". Dominique decided the water was too cold (it was cold) and wouldn't do any of the activities. When I came over to convince her to suck it up and go for it, she burst into tears and refused to participate and then her brother decided he couldn't do any more either! I'd bribed them the first day to do it all so that we could go get our new kitten after class. Can't get a new pet everyday! I'm really hoping they do better tomorrow, they only have 5 classes of 30 min. each. Of course in the afternoon, when Arwen was having a blast in the water, they wanted to go in!

Our new kitten is loads of fun. Ivan named her Star. She's all black with sage green eyes, or maybe they are grey picking up the green from our living room?

We are in between guests, so I should be cleaning the house, but summer is so short here, and since we are already at the beach, I figure that all the water time they can get is good. PLUS, I am getting a daily 30 min. swim in while they are in class, my cousin watches Emora for me. So fun! I guess I'm making up for all those months without a pool nearby!

Dominique is now officially five! She enjoyed lots of phone calls and an afternoon playing with her best friend Fiorella, plus 1st swim lesson, and new kitten- it sure seems like the slow down of summer is going awfully fast!


Ian said...

Wow, lots of activity.

GMS said...

I don't believe summer is ever a "slow down time". Goes by to quick, especially the father north you are.
Enjoy all the time outside you can & don't worry about the house.