Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun times

Dominique's soccer was canceled this morning because of possible rain, which meant we didn't have to head out of the house early, which meant that I could try out my new waffle iron. I got it free with our mastercard points and it works fabulous. My old one works too, but now that I am making tripple batches it was taking forever to cook them all. With two grills going, I am hopping, but it doesn't take all morning.

However Ivan's soccer was not canceled. It barely sprinkled on us and our team did great. It was very fun to watch except when Ivan let in 2 goals. One time he was re-velcroing his shoe and we were all yelling at him to pay attention, he still claims he never let a goal in then, but he totally did! Then he was not in a good position and they scored in the open net. But he is not traumatized by it and did stop several other shots on net. He is also getting in there and making some good kicks and having a total blast at it. The shoe episode was not entirely his fault. His shoes suck and are falling apart. I'm not too happy about it because it's hard to find shoes in town for him and I just bought this pair 1 month ago precisely for soccer. After today's game, we went to the 2 stores in town with shoes and only found one pair that fit him and it was another velcro pair, so I told him to bring his indoor school shoes home for soccer. We only have 2 games left and it's not worth trying to coordinate a trip into the city with him.

Dominique has been banned from the computer 2 days in a row due to excessive requesting of computer uses. So instead of watching a video last night, we had a total blast with Nana and Papa playing the game of life.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, filled with great aromas, delicious eats and most of all poignant moments capsulated in love.


jenn with two n's said...

Beautiful and breathtaking photos! Love these moments. I probably should ban from videos again...glad to see you enjoying time with Nana and Papa.

Ian said...

Never a dull moment!

Davis Family said...

Busy house! Spring is such a frantic time. I can't wait for school to get out so we can have some lazy summer days of doing whatever we want or can figure out! Enjoy your munchkins. They are beautiful.