Tuesday, May 10, 2011

rainy day and mother's day

I guess it has been a while since we were here checking out the first days of flooding. This was taken just inside the gates of the "in town" beach that I like to go to.

Here are the gates now-- and the cabins for rent--

These cabins are quite literally lake front with a great view of the lake, can't get any closer with it being right outside the door!

These are the houses higher up in the B-say-tah (spelling??) area, they are at the entrance. To go to the beach from here, you normally drive in for a minute or so past whole neighborhoods to the semi private beach. I feel for them. There is no insurance and lots of damage. We drove around the lake and there are a lot of houses like these surrounded by water. We also saw a muscrat and a beaver swimming in the full ditches.

It's raining today, so that won't help any either.

Thankfully we are dry. The city did a really great job of sandbagging and building up a retaining wall so that our neighborhood was safe from water. You can tell that it may not have been the case without all their work. They did what they could too with these other houses, but in some locations there is just not much that can be done to stop the water from flooding in. I haven't talked to anyone with tons of water and those I do know with just a few inches in their basement or a yard destroyed seem thankful that they did not have it worse.

The kids have been enjoying playing with friends, bike riding and playing soccer.

This is from the day Ivan learned to ride.

Dominique learned that day too, when we took off her training wheels. Always the fashionista. From which planet, I'm not sure!!

I had a great mother's day. I've been looking forward to school made mother's day gifts for 6 years and Ivan was so excited to give me the card he'd made and a gift of a box cake as well as breakfast in bed (cereal and toast). Dominique bought me a wind chime with her own money. She is already plotting for Father's day. I also got some wine from the daddy and binoculars with mother's day money for my artist walks- so fun!

I'm tired, so I'll wind this up. I've been staying up late reading a novel ;)

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Ian said...

I'm glad that all that basement work didn't get wet. So glad that you put in a properly working sump pump too.