Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Special guest and Performances

We had our first guest to stay in the newly remodeled guest room! David is a friend of Brian's from his college days. He now lives in Austin, TX, but had some business in "nearby" Detroit, so he swung on over for a day to say "howdy".

We've been having a fair amount of fun being able to catch some shows performed by our very talented cousins.
We've seen a play Moira was in directed by her dad, Mike Koops, as well as a couple of other plays that were on that night for the drama festival. We watched Arwen and Victoria during their dance performances, Moira play piano in a piano recital and I got to tag along with this ragtag crew to the city to watch Victoria in a play she helped create and perform in through the Globe theater young actors program (I don't know the actual name for it).

Of course we have plenty of in house theatrics as well and our very own

GLAMOUR STAR! She did not dress up specifically for this picture, this is actually how she likes to dress regularly.

On the artistic front, a book Brian and I are reading along with the Koops called the Artist's Way is also stirring up art in our lives. Brian has been creating a most hillarious cartoon based on his experiences here in Saskatchewan. If you are not his facebook friend, look him up and read along there. He is also about to go to a Stick seminar in Vancouver, so he is really looking forward to that and getting creative ideas for his music. This was his huge 40 birthday present from a lot of loving friends and family so thanks to all!

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GMS said...

Y'all always were artists, each in their own unique ways.