Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fishing up some more fun

Nana and Papa were here for a United States holiday, so they decked out in festive shirts for the occasion of memorial day.

We visited the Fisheries station and got a tour. The girls loved seeing the fish and especially feeding the big ones in the stock tanks.

We weren't able to go into the biggest teepee in the world (located here in Fort Qu'Appelle)- due to a class in session, but got to read up on some local history at it's entrance.

Dominique was actually our tour guide. I kept telling her there wasn't anything else to see, just offices, then we'd round a corner and there was another piece of history waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday, when we went to the Fisheries it was so windy and cold, but today the sun came out and I bribed Emora to take her nap by promising them I'd set up the pool. This was a regular activity back in Abilene, but we don't have quite as long a season here. The last winter in Abilene, we actually filled the pool in Feb. Here it was June 1st and I had to put quite a bit of warm water in there. The water comes out of the pipes super cold here. Mom used to boil water for our pool when I was growing up to take the chill out. Ivan and Emora found it a bit cold, but got in quite a bit and Dominique- well, she's part fish!

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GMS said...

I've been wondering what the temperature will be like when we are there. I do see jackets in the pictures.
Glad y'all had a good visit & we are looking forward to ours.